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  • Bom Paper Making Felt
  • Bom Paper Making Felt
  • Bom Paper Making Felt
  • Bom Paper Making Felt
  • Bom Paper Making Felt
  • Bom Paper Making Felt
  • Bom Paper Making Felt
  • Bom Paper Making Felt
  • Bom Paper Making Felt
  • Bom Paper Making Felt
Bom Paper Making Felt Bom Paper Making Felt Bom Paper Making Felt Bom Paper Making Felt Bom Paper Making Felt

Bom Paper Making Felt


    Paper making felt

    Single layer BOM paper making felt series

    Double layers BOM paper making felt series

    Triple layers BOM paper making felt series

    Chemical process paper making felt series

    Non-marking paper making felt series

    100% synthetic BOB paper making felt series

    Pulp board felt series

    Dryer fabric series

    Other industrial felt

1.Single layer BOM paper making felt series


Single Layer BOM Felt is made up of single base layer fabric and fiber layer. Base layer is woven from synthetic filament or multi-filament. The structure is designed base on different paper machine, different press position and different type of paper. Fiber layer is consisted of different lap of fiber web and different diameter of fiber for the best trainability and fiber support index. It has good quality properties such as less elongation, easy to wash, no-mark on paper, long life performance etc. and can be used in all different kinds of paper making machine to produce all different kinds of paper.


Paper machine:Cylinder,Super Forming,Fourdrinier,Inclined Wire Machine,Nip Wire Machine etc for forming section felt, press felt

Machine Velocity:≤800m/min



Single Layer BOM Paper making felt Technical Parameter

Felt GSM:700~1200g/m2

Felt GSM Tolerance:≤±4%

Air Permeability:30~120cfm

Tensile Strength:≥2000N/5cm

Elongation Percentage:≤1%

Width Variation:≤±2cm

2.Double layers BOM paper making felt series


Double Layer BOM Felt includes 1+1 composite structure and double layer of MD yarn structure. 1+1 composite structure BOM is consisted of two different thickness of base material. Both of these base materials can be changed to different construction and sizes to suit the requirement of different paper machines. It process high quality properties such as high-pressresistance, good flexibility, good permeability, good size stability, less elongation, excellent tensile strength and can eliminate vacuum marks, blind hole mark, groove mark etc. Applying to many kinds of press such as: groove press, vacuum suction press, multi-press, large diameter nip-roll press which can produce high-grade printing paper, newsprint, technical paper, packaging paper, high-grade paper board etc.


Paper machine:Multi-cylinder,Super Forming, Fourdrinier ,Superposition Wire,Nip Wire Paper Making Machine ectfor different kinds of paper machine’s press felt and forming felt.

Machine Velocity:≤1000m/min



Technical Parameter For Double Layer BOM Felt

Felt GSM:950~1450g/m2

Felt GSM Tolerance:≤±4%

Air Permeability:30~110cfm

Tensile Strength:≥3000N/5cm

Elongation Percentage:≤0.6%

Width Variation:≤±2cm

3.Triple layers BOM paper making felt series


Triple layer BOM felt includes 1 +2, 2 +1 and 1 +1 +1 composite BOM felt. These felts can be applied to more than 200kN/m linear pressure and possess good flexibility; good permeability and can effectively eliminate many kinds of marks, excellent size stability, long life performance etc. Applying to high speed of the paper machine for suction complex press, large diameter nip roll press and shoe press and can produce high-grade newsprint, write paper, paperboard etc.


Paper Machine:Medium/ high Velocity paper machine of Multi- cylinder,Fourdrinier,Superposition Wire,Vacuum Composite Press,Large Diameter Roll Press,Shoe Press etc

Paper Machine Velocity:≤1000m/min

Paper:≥40g/m2 newsprint,write paper,high-grade board paper etc.


Technical Parameter for Tri-layer BOM Felt

Felt GSM:1450~1750g/m2

GSM Tolerance:≤±4%

Air Permeability:40~90cfm

Tensile Strength:≥4500N/5cm

Elongation Percentage:≤0.6%

Width Variation:≤±2cm

4.Chemical process paper making felt series


Treated under chemical from the original felt, these felts has super performance which include anti-dirty chemical process felt and anti-fuzzing & anti-abrasion felt with high-press resistance, stain resistance, anti-sticking, high tensile strength, self-cleaning, ease to clean and long life performance. It can be used for high-grade write paper, printing paper, magazine paper, super fine paper and various kinds of specialty paper & tissue paper. It can also be used to replace import felt.

5.Non-marking paper making felt series


Non-marking felt includes soft-base non-marking felt, hard-base non-marking felt, Fine grade non-marking felt and special non-marking felt for special paper. These felt can eliminate felt mark on the paper thoroughly and can apply to such as the forming section, second nip, reverse press, and top felt for Yankee etc which position make the felt marks easily on the paper due to soft-base or reasonable structure. These types of felts are suitable for the paper which require high smoothness and felt non-marking of the paper surface; it is particularly suitable for some special type paper and high quality bill paper etc.

6. 100% Synthetic BOB paper making felt series


---The BOB Weft-Less Felt has the good capability of filtration, drainage, high tensile strength and smooth surface. It is suitable for forming section, press section and drying section (MG felt) of ecumenical paper machine) to make lower/medium quality paper.

---The BOB Weft Felt has good size stability of CD and MD, good filtration/drainage and good strength for all ecumenical paper machines.

---The BOB Felt for striation paper can be designed of different striation on the paper surface for client’s special requirement; this felt can produce clear striation, good third dimension on the surface of paper, have good filtration/drainage and long life.

7. Pulp board felt series:


Pulp-board felt is designed for all kinds of pulp machine to produce pulp board. This includes BOB Pulp felt, BOM Pulp felt and Anti-Corrosion Pulp felt. BOM Pulp felt includes single layer, double layer and triple layer Pulp-board felt. It processes with good flexibility, high linear pressure, good filtration/drainage, anti-corrosive and good durability etc.

8.Dryer felt series

9.Other industrial felts

10.The use of paper-making felts

Before installation

Inspect the package integrity

Verify the Model, No., Specification, GSM on the package in consistency with order.

Unpack and inspect the appearance and dimension.


Clean paper machine

Verify front and back side and the run direction

Avoid grease staining and damage

Do not draw strongly

Running without stock

Align the felt

Wet the felt with clean water

Put proper tension on the felt

Inspect all rolls, press entrance and felt situation

Increase nip pressure

Paper machine creep speed

Further increase tension

Set at normal pressure

Add clean water, detergent or 5% hot caustic to soften the felt

Inject lower pressure steam and vacuum system

Adjust the felt surface

Sufficient run time on bare machine will improve the stability and durability of felt

Paper making:

Complete all preparation work before releasing pulp

Adjust the tension of the felt after releasing pulp

Ensure the same linear pressure on both sides of the felt and adjust accordingly

Ensure the normal running on vacuum system and washing system

Inspect the running situation for shifting and regulate accordingly

Prevent any pulp piece or broken paper coming into the press area or felt


Prevent overlap, uneven wear, uneven wash and accidental damage

Prevent spitball and pulp corps entering into the press section

Correctly use the high pressure water, sector water and vacuum washing box

Keep the standard line straight and parallel

Wash the felt frequently and use proper chemical wash

Wash completely and relax during downtime

Any question, please contact with the manufacturer

Key points for choosing the type:

1.Get to know the nature of the papermaking felt

2.Choose the type according to the paper-making machine type, working speed, press type, linear pressure, washing situation, pulp consistency, end product type and so on

3.The felt normally has effective adjustable length of 1m (±0.75m of the request length is the best).

Technical service:

Solve comprehensive problem of paper-making felts, create value for customers

We have a technical service team composed of engineers specialized in stock preparation and paper-making and with long term working experience in paper mill

As long as you provide us the detailed technical data of your paper-making machine and the specifications and size of the felts you want, we can provide you the best design and chose the best product

We can provide you with the proper diagnosis and remedies for application of the products. Also, we can provide technical training for you can use our products more reasonable.

Before sales, in production and after sales, we insist on creating value for customers and custom designing products and best solutions for customers.

For all complaints we received during the application of our products, we will handle it in 24 hours.

Sales network

We sale for not only products but also excellent service

We need not only customers but also long term cooperators

Welcome agent for blank area of our sales network.

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